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Sword Canes

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Custom made sword canes complete with artistic sterling or bronze handles
The traditional stiletto shaped blade is removable. 
A tight opening telescopic mechanism provides the ability to load the cane
as a regular Walking cane with or without the blade installed.
  This picture shows you several examples
       of Sword canes complete with different artistic handles.       
       To see more options of designs please go to :       
                     SWORD CANES - WALKING STICKS                   
                                             Selection of styles, Pricing, Ordering
       30 styles of Sword canes with designer handles cast
       from Sterling Silver, German Silver or Bronze are avalable
                                       CONTACT INFORMATION:
                            email: BPAL50@GMAIL.COM 
                          phone: ( 440 ) 729-3405   (preferred)
                                      ( 440 ) 729-2858
       Some regional laws prohibit the use of Sword canes.
   That is why these Sword canes are designed with removable blades.
   This way you can keep it as a Sword cane in your collection 
   or use it as a regular Walking stick. 
   The release mechanism works automatically.             
   There is no need to press any plunger ball.          
   Just hold the shaft below the metal collar 
    and pull out the handle with the blade.        
   The stiletto blade is made from quality stainless steel.     
   The back end of the blade is threaded as shown. 
   This makes it possible to remove the blade from the handle if needed
    and use the Sword cane as a regular Walking cane