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   Dear Boris,
I received the walking cane you made the other day and I am pleased beyond words!
I put the walking cane handle in my hand and it seemed as though you had me in your shop
to measure my hand for the handle, it fits so well to my hand it it quite unbelievable...
you are an outstanding and wonderful artist and craftsman.
The walking cane makes me feel absolutely steady and fast when I walk...the balance is perfect.
The cane is nothing less than perfection.
I cannot thank you enough, and it was worth every cent I paid for you to craft this for me.
I would recommend you to anyone and you should be considered a fine artist.
Thank you so much, you are truly gifted. You have made my ability
to walk so much more easy, and I am proud to have your work in my hand.
 Sincerely,   Sandra L. Hacker
The cane arrived. Let me just say that I went through a lot of web sites
on custom made walking canes and walking sticks before I selected yours.
All I can say at this point is...
    I did not make a mistake. It is perfect,
fantastic and better than I could ever have hoped for.
Every part of it. You do fantastic and excellent work and I greatly appreciate it.
It could not have been better. Thank you!
Hi Boris,
    I've had a look at the new designs--very nice.
If I ever need another walking cane, I will most definately come back to you! My
"Wolf" cane attracts lots of admiration.

    Hope all is well,
    Kind Regards
I have just received the walking cane.  Thanks to  the efficiency of the UK postal system there was a bit of a delay! 
I am very, very pleased with it.  I am a funeral director and the the walking cane is very much a part  of the English funereal tradition
It is really good to be able to find a cane that is unique, and this certainly fills the bill!   
I am looking forward to 'stepping out' with it this week.
I will forward to you a photo of the walking cane at work for your appreciation, in due course.
    Thanks again for your efficiency in processing this order.  
    Best regards,
    I bought a Neiman Marcus Butterfly walking cane (#146 SEG) about 3 years ago and the tip is wearing out. 
It is such a beautiful cane that I hate to just put some ugly rubber tip on it. 
Is it possible to buy some of these rubber tips from you so that I will not have to worry about it wearing out again and yet have a quality rubber tip available to replace the worn one.  
Please let me hear from you. 
    Dear Boris,
It;s outstanding!  and beautiful.   Again, Thanks.
Jeff Ollswang
     Mr. Palatnik,
    I purchased one of your wolf head canes last December. It arrived in mid-January in beautiful condition.
I absolutely love this cane, as does everyone else who sees it.
The walking cane is the wolf head model in sterling silver with a black ebony shaft.
I am wondering what I should do to keep it as beautiful as it currently is. I don't know what to use on either the shaft or the head to preserve them.
Could you advise my about this? I would certainly appreciate any advise you could give me.
    Thanks for the wonderful walking cane and the advise,
    Mark Schletty
    Seattle, a.
 Hello Mr Boris Palatnik,
Received the Wolf walking Cane this morning in perfect condition. The Walking cane is in deed beautiful.
Thank you for the work of art.
 Sincerely Doug
    Hello Boris
Just to let you know that the Walking cane has arrived. Thank you for the effort and craftsmanship put in to the peace.
It is a pleasure to own and well worth the wait.
I’ll not hesitate to recommend your work.
    Best regards
    De Chao Peterson.
    Hello Boris,
 Thank you very much for an outstanding piece of artwork! My Wife loves it and so doesn’t everyone else I have showed it to. I am very happy with it!
I am wondering if you could sell me a dozen rubber cane tips. If so, you can just charge the credit card you have on file and send them.
If not, could you please tell me where I may find some and how much I should expect to pay.
I have gone through many in the past, as I put a lot of weight on my walking cane, due to my spinal condition.  Please let me know.
    Vito A. Foti Jr.
  Dear Boris,

I received my walking cane late this afternoon, right on time, and all I can say is, "WOW!" It looks and feels FANTASTIC! 
The height, weight, and balance is perfect, and everything we'd agreed upon is as exactly as you said!  T
he ebony wood is beautifuI, the blend of the 24K Gold and German Silver on the Elephant is excellent,
it fits in the palm of my hand perfectly, and the sword itself is a precision instrument. 
I immediately took it out to the local store, and had barely walked inside, before a man walked up to inquire about, and compliment me on it. 
I will use it for the next couple of months, at least, while recovering from my surgery, and I will treasure it as a family heirloom for years to come. 
Furthermore, I will continue to use it when I reach an older age that requires such a walking cane.  I couldn't be more pleased!  Thank you for this fine piece of true art.

    Eric D. Everest

    Hi Boris,
The Walking Cane arrived yesterday, and I am very pleased with it, lovely quality.
I will look forward to receiving the blade shortly.
    Many thanks and regards,
   Hello Boris,
Just to let you know that the walking cane arrived with me today. Thanks very much, I am very pleased with it. Best regards from Gary.
    Hi Boris,
Thank you very much for the walking cane which was absolutely beautiful.
 Is it possible to get a longer rubber tip as the cane is slightly shorter than the one I'm using at the moment.
 Many thanks.
    Tony Warren
My walking cane arrived today.  It is beautiful, and I can really feel how well balanced it is. 
Your work is spectacular, and I am sure I have another walking cane from you in my near future.  Probably more. 
I have one minor problem, I would say it is about 1+1/2  inches too long. 
My arm is bent more than a comfortable amount.  Is this something you would be able to adjust? 
I would not dare myself!

I have received both walking canes, and they are beautiful.
i was wondering since i will probably be using the sterling silver/ ebony wood cane, about upkeep.
what should i use if i should scuff the wood by accident?
     Hi Boris,

    I remain very pleased with my walking cane - thank you!
Could I order, please, another one, same length, same handle (snail) but in
rosewood, with German silver handle, in three pieces, for travelling? 
Whatwould the price be?
    Thanks,   Richard
     Boris, I received my walking stick today and wanted to let you know 
how happpy I am with your craftsmanship. The stick is beautiful and I 
wanted to send you a note of thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Jack Riess.
    Ellicott City,MD.
Hello, Mr. Palatnik;
I received the walking cane and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful piece of art you’ve made; it far exceeded my expectation. 
In the future, I hope we can call upon you for another custom made walking cane.  And, of course, your excellent service is most appreciated.
 With kindest regards,
  Kayhan Koleini
   Mr. Palatnik, your excellent piece of art arrived as committed. 
I can't express how satisfied I feel with the quality of your "Tiger" walking cane. 
Immediately when I took it in my hands there was a strange link connection with it.  
Although not in the need of one, I collect canes as a hobby and this is the best one I have; so far. 
It is not only the perfect balance of the walking cane's overall design, but the grace of the handle's grip is second to none. 
I'm totally pleased with this purchase and look forward to add more of your art to my collection in the future. 
Also, thank you much for your quick delivery as well as using the United States Postal Service; best courier you could've possibly selected.
    Joe Bejar, Architect/Eng.
    Your work is truly art.  Thank you for making our Christmas very special. 
Your cougar with rosewood walking cane is now treasured by someone who also is an artisan. 
When he opened the gift, his eyes glowed and he said, "this is a jewel".
Best wishes to you and your family for Health and Artistic Happiness in 2008.

    With great appreciation,
    C Bognar
    Dear Boris,
I'm sorry this email is a little late in coming, but I did received the walking cane and it's a beautiful piece of art.  Well done!

    I got the walking cane sword today... it is beautiful!!!  I will write to let you know what David says when he get's it!!
    Thanks again!
    Dear Boris,
 My wolf walking cane arrived the other day. I was very excited to see the package when I came home.
 The first time I visited your site and read customer testimonials, most were from people who had purchased them
 as collectables and not as assistance devices. Mine is for daily use.
 After reading about how they were constructed and speaking to you,
 I felt fairly confident that they were more than up to this practical task.
    When I opened the box I was surprised at first due to the unexpected finish of the African Ebony.
I knew that we’d agreed upon this, but for some reason I was still envisioning the rosewood. I was however not the least bit disappointed.
The walking cane is an extremely beautiful work of art. I’ve had the opportunity to walk a few times with my new walking cane and was very pleased.
    It definitely seems more than adequate for my 300 lbs. I was surprised at how sturdy it really is.
The 39” length is perfect and after a couple of walks the Wolf head handle has become quite comfortable.
I haven’t had the need to rap any unfriendly dogs on the snot yet, but I am confident that it will hold up nicely.
The only problem with it is that it’s so beautiful I’m almost afraid to use it, but I know it will last a lifetime and with a little maintenance and should look just as good as it does now.
Once again thanks Boris. You are a true artisan.
    Scott Hill
    dear mr. palatnik,
    i just received the walking cane you made for me.  it
is exactly what i wanted and made perfectly.  you
skill is beyond words.  thank you very much.  hope the
bad weather in ohio is not affecting you in any way.
    thank you.
    thank you,

    Christian Berkey
    lebanon, new hampshire
    Thank You !!!
                                  A beautiful work of Art ! Very impressive walking cane , I can't put it down.
                                                                              Sincerely !!!
                                                                      Charles C. Elmore
    Dear Mr Palatnik
The "Cougar" walking cane arrived today as promised.  I am now the proud owner of five of your canes, all silver and ebony, and all superlative works of art. 
The Cougar, once again, is a masterwork of unique design and aesthetic line.  Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. 
My problem now is which walking cane for which day. 
Obviously,  I will have to save-up to buy two more of your creations so that each day of the week will be covered and I will be relieved of lengthy indecision and lost time.
Thank you again for all the pleasure you have provided through your art.
                                                                                                                                        G.  Wright
    Dear Mr. Palatnik,
 I would like to take the time to thank you again for great workmanship that you put into the three Wolf walking canes that I purchased from you at the beginning of last year. 
They have & still are serving my needs very well.  I have several people admire them because of their uniqueness.
I did name each one of them after my three Siberian Husky's!
    Thanks again,  Brian McDougle
    Dear Mr. Palatnik,
    I just wanted to thank you for the two walking canes that I have purchased
from you. They are beautiful works of functional art. Every time I use one
of them, I receive more and more compliments. I'm looking forward to
ordering my next piece. They have a wonderful balance, and the silver work
is superb. The fit in my hands is amazingly comfortable. I originally
purchased them just to collect, but I just can't help taking them out and
using them to walk with.

    Thank you very much.

    Charles Savage
    Zanesville, Ohio
    Dear Mr. Palatnik,
Congratulation for the master works. I received the lovely walking canes today and found each one of them a piece of art.
    Thank you very much.
bbbMahmoud Amiri
     Geneva, Switzerland
    Dear Mr. Palatnik,
I am writing to tell you how much my husband appreciates the beautiful walking cane you made for him in December. 
It was ordered as a Christmas gift - he had admired your work for some time and I thought it was his turn to own one of your pieces. 
Thank you for the time you put into this work of art - it will be a treasure for years to come.
    Rebecca Porter
    Hello Boris,
                  I just wanted to let you know that the walking cane i ordered arrived in plenty of time for christmas and was execellent,
my husband was really pleased with it.
Thankyou so much and all the best for 2007, once again thank you it made my christmas.   
Jean McLuckie
    Dear Boris,
I have received my most fabulous piece of art work ever, the precision craftsmanship and balance of every detail is most exquisite,
I have never been so happy to receive an item bought that has come in ten times its beauty then pictured on the web,
Boris I truly believe that the good Lord has gifted you with the talent of monsignor for sure a Picasso,
working with the precision and harmony as the Maestro,  Monsignor, Mechanic of the cane producer,
thank you for a gift rather then a purchase for I believe that you have given me a gift, where I am at this time in my life!!!
has given me a birds eye view of the beauty that is out there and the wonderful people you can come across in this very short life time,
thank you once more for the wonderful experience of "COUGAR IN THE TREE"
    Best Regards
    Al Basile

    Thanks - received walking cane the other day, and it looks great! I wish I had ordered the sword option.
    Tom Hill
    Hi Boris,
I've just received my Walking cane cougar and it is beautiful! What a fine art! Thank you so much for the extra tips.
I also have a question. I bought a lioness from you last year. It looks great, but here in Florida there is lots of humidity
and from my hand the wood, rosewood, around the lioness, it got a little dull.
What can I use on the wood to bring the "shine" back. It is not a real shine, but get the "life" back into it, so it looks like new?
    Thanks again
    Amanda Devine
    I just wanted to send you a short note to tell you how impressed I am with the workmanship on the walking cane I ordered.  T
he Sterling silver and Gold finish on the Cougar Can is even more impressive than on the photos on your web site. 
I get a lot of compliments from strangers who stop to admire it.  I look forward to many years of pleasure using it and want to thank you again.
    Jeff Nachman
    Dear Boris:
I have just received my walking cane, and it is a fantastic thing.  When I received it, I was at the Post Office. 
The place was full of people; and, since the package was damaged, I insisted on opening it right there. 
The postal employees and the others who were there for mail, were treated to a complete review of my walking cane, as well as a critique of your art work. 
Your work received a lot of raves.
    Thank you so much, Boris.
    Best regards, Don Belveal
I received my #135 Grapes walking cane today.  The quality and workmanship of the product is exceptional.  It will be a pleasure to use this cane for many years.
    Michael Cardona
    My lioness field stick arrived yesterday, Monday.  ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
I took it for a two hour hike in the mountains today. 
It performed perfectly.
It was well worth the wait.  Thanks.

    John O.
   Hi Boris -
Walking cane got here fine!  It's really outstanding - and fits my hand fine!
Thanks for the great job.
    Stay well.

I've just received a phone call from my grandfather in South Korea, and he said that he loves the lily walking cane!
Thank you for the beautiful work!

Best regards,

Hye Na Park
I received the walking canes / staff. They are very nice. Thanks.
What is the best price you can give me on ordering two more.
I am interested in the two tone cougar walking cane for my wife who is ~ 5'7" tall #132SE with 16" sword, ebony.
I would want one mid section like you made for the two I ordered already. But this mid section would convert the walking cane to a hiking staff for a person 5'7" tall.
I would want the sections we have already received to work on this walking cane / shaft. I would also want a bear hiking staff for a person 5'7" tall.
This would also have a 16" sword, 230SE#231SE, ebony. Again this would need to be compatible with the all the others.
I would also like to know how much it would cost to get an additional 230SE#231SE bull, ebony, 16" sword section only.
Will the release mechanisms get loose over time? What should I use on the ebony wood to clean or protect it? What about the sterling silver?

    Larry Sherrer
    Dear Boris:
I received my walking cane this morning.  The package was damaged; but there was no damage to the walking cane. 
It is beautiful!  You are indeed a fantastic artist!!!!  I am completely pleased with it!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  
My very best regards!   Don
    Just got my walking cane. One word .Outstanding! I have a small collection of sword canes that will be my next one .      
    Thanks   Jim
    Mr. Palatnik --

The walking cane was delivered yesterday, and it is MAGNIFICENT!
Thank you very much for your beautiful work, and I'm pretty sure I will
be ordering a couple more of them before Christmas.

    Dear Sir: Recently I received two beautiful deer antler-topped walking canes. I would like to display these items on the wall of my dining room.
What I have in mind is an arrangement whereby the two sticks are affixed to the wall parallel to one another and horizontally arranged.
I have searched the web for some type of device that will securely hold these items but yet allow them to be removed from time to time for cleaning (and closer inspection by guests).
I noticed your beautiful canes on the web and I thought that you might have some idea as to where I might obtain the type of wall mount to which I am referring.
Might I prevail upon you for some help?
Thanking you in advance I am     
Dawn Ruoff
    Hi Boris,

The walking cane was finally released from the UK Customs last Thursday and delivered on Saturday.

I would just like to say that the walking cane is just perfect, the frog adds a nice dimension to a well balanced walking cane.
My wife was absolutely delighted with the walking cane and the size was spot on, she asked me to send her thanks to you for such a beautiful walking cane.

    Once again thanks.
    Kind regards
The walking cane was delivered today and I was thrilled.  Let's work toward another one for my collection.  I like the aligator/rosewood/round staff cane. 
Could you help me to remember the overall length for the elelphant walking cane? I might go a half inch shorter. 
I'm also interested in a quotational breakdown to add the 16 inch sword and conversion to the alligator. 
    I'm very appreciative of your work,
    Hi Boris,
The Walking cane arrived today and I am very pleased. You do really nice work.
Could I buy a couple of extra rubber tips...they are quite unique so I thought I should try and get them from you ?
Also, should I coat the blade with a thin film of oil or vaseline to avoid rust ?
    Thank you,
    Boris Dennis Crouch here. I received my walking cane and you did a great job thanks.
    Have a happy Fathers Day
    Dear Boris:
I received the order with the 5 sword walking canes, 2 blades and the rubber tips satisfactory.
Thank you. Are really beatiful.
    Greetings Alfredo Martinez.
Just wanted to say that the "echo"walking cane is so beautiful and the handle gives
you an exellent support.
I feel stylish and proud to use it in everyday life.
    Best Tommie Haglund
    Dear Sir,   Just wanted you to know that my Walking Cane came yesterday & again I am extremely pleased. 
I made a wall mount that holds my 3 walking canes when not using them - these I only use when I go out of the house.       
 Again I thank you for your fine works of art.
    Your friend,   Brian 
    Mr. Palatnik
I received the walking cane yesterday.  Thank you for making it for me so quickly.  The balance, quality and materials are excellent.
    Gregory Peck
We received the walking cane, Boris.  Thank you for your prompt response and quality merchandise!
Anne White
    Dear Boris,
Thank you!  My father's gift arrived yesterday (for presentation in a few days during his surprise birthday luncheon) and your Cougar
on The Tree Walking Cane is more magnificent than anticipated. I know he will be very pleased and I can't thank you enough for your
excellent response. Sincerely, Sharon
    Dear Boris,
I received my new cougar-handled walking cane a few days ago.  It
hasn't been out of my hand since. 
You are a fine artist as well as a master craftsman.
    The lion cane was my favorite of your designs.  I took a big
tom out in New Mexico a couple of years ago after a week
long hunt.  They are awesome creatures.

    I can't wait to show my best friend: he's a Penn State
graduate who's mascot is the Nittany Lion.  He'll want

    By the way, do you recommend any particular maintenance or
    care for the wood or silver?

                                    John Lunsford MD
        Happy New Year! 
I got my new walking cane a few days ago and I must say...it is the finest walking cane I have ever seen and the best one I now own! 
The balance is incredible and the cougar figurine is just beautful! 
This cane has become my constant companion, one that I hope will be with me for many years to come!
Thanks again..your work is truly wonderful!
    Dear Mr. Palatnik,
I just received my stunning Sterling Silver Lion Head Ebony walking cane.  WOW!!!! Its worth every penny. 
I’m thoroughly impressed with it in every regard.  It’s a piece of art in my opinion.  The quality and craftsmanship are beyond compare. 
I searched long and hard for a product like this and what I received from you is nothing short of a piece of art! I’m so very happy with it I could almost burst. 
Lots of places will sell you a pre made walking stick or cane but you made mine special order and that makes it unique to say the least. 
I feel quite privileged to be in possession of such a fine accoutrement. 
Thank you very much Mr. Palatnik for your craftsmanship and attention to detail and especially your customer service. 
I’ll certainly pass along your name to any and all who inquire about my fine walking cane.
   Richard Ramjattan.
    Ps. Feel free to post my comments in your testimonial section should you choose to do so.
    just received the silver and ebony walking cane you made for me.  it is beautiful, and i could not be more delighted with it. 
    thank you
    Dear Boris,
 All arrived safely.  Am extremely pleased with what you made.  It is beautiful and superb.  Many many thanks.
 Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Fond regards,
    Amanda x
I received my walking cane today and it is beautiful. Thanks. Also can you do the exact same think in 14 ct gold (solid, not plate)?
    If so can you give me a quote?
    Dear Sir, Borris,    I received my 17" sword cane last wendsday.......VERY NICE.....I am TRULY satisfied,
    Thank You, Marshall
Hi Boris -
Walking Cane arrived today!!  Now this is a true work of art!!  Can't think of words to describe how
much I like this walking cane!  I want to say "thank you" for sharing your talent. 
     Have a great day.
    Best Regards,
    Hello Boris:
 I hope that all is well with you and you family.  I have absolutely loved my walking cane and get many compliments. 
People are asking me if it will be available on your website and I do not know what to tell them.
 Please let me know so that I can at least publicize your talents in my area of the country.
 My Best To You And Your Family Boris,
    Thank you for the great pics. you are very talented .I myself do painting conservation and restoration,
But I love to begin making enameling ,gold and silver work .A dear friend of mine from the country of Georgia is very talented at this and wood carving,
he is going to work on a very famous crucifix soon.
I like the cane in the middle of the three you should me. I will talk it over with my sister, the hook on the back of the handle would make it easier for mother to grip.
Thank you again, Look forward to talking with you,
 Daniel Franklin
    Dear Boris,
My "Cougar on the Tree" walking cane arrived today and I want to tell you how extremely pleased I am with it.  Your work is phenomenal.  The sterling handle casting with the gold plating accent is spectacular.  The shaft finish retains the natural beauty of the Rosewood.  You are a great artist!
    Richard M. Anderson
    Longmont, Colorado
    Dear Mr. Palantnik,
The sword cane arrived in the mail today. Thank you for finishing it and sending it promptly.
It is beautiful. I am so happy to have it. You did an excellent job and I just wanted you to know it came in good condition and your work is first rate.
Thank you so much.
Jimmy Walker
Mr. Palatnik,

Thank you so much for fashioning the Taurus for me.
It is a beautiful piece of work.  It is functional, stylish, and a pleasure to hold. 
I know that on your site you stated that you use a beeswax finish on your
walking canes.  If I wish to renew the finish, what
should I use?  Thank you again.

Mathew Severson
    Mr. Palatnik,
            The walking cane arrived today.  What a truly beautiful work of art!  
The craftsmanship is admired by all who’ve seen it!  Seldom have I been so pleased as when I admired the walking cane for the first time.  
I was truly awe struck as it emerged from the shipping container.
I am interested in purchasing the “jaguar” in about three months. 
As per the cost, what would the fee be for; the cane shaft in the same solid black ebony, the jaguar in sterling and the handle in gold plating? 
Do you offer solid, pure, silver on the jaguar?
V/R   SSgt Lower
    My father just received the ebony walking cane with the sterling silver cougar. 
He said it was absolutely beautiful and he loved it!!  He does not like having to use a walking cane but with this one, it will be a much nicer experience for him.  
Your workmanship is excellent and I can't wait to see it.  Thank you very much.  Lynne Lovinger 
    Hello Boris:
A few minutes ago the postman came and delivered to me my two beautiful walking canes that you made.  I cannot explain how beautiful they are and how much I appreciate your hard and dedicated work in providing to me the walking cane that I requested.  I hope that now that you have a mold for the crucifix that maybe more individuals will enjoy it as well.  You are truly blessed and have a wonderful talent.
My best to you always Boris.  Again many thanks.
God Bless You,
    Hello, Boris.    
The walking cane arrived this afternoon.  
It is so beautifully crafted, and the length fits me just fine.   I'm very pleased with it.  
    Thank you.              Mort Berenstein.
    Hello Boris:
The walking cane is beautiful.  I will leave the decision of the gold tones to you as you are a very talented artist and I trust your decision. 
I hope that you will have future orders for this crest as you have done an exceptional job.
Is the length of the cane 38 or 39"?  Either will be fine.
Also, you have a gold and silver toned cougar cane on your website. 
I would like that as well on ebony with a sword handle in either a 38 or 39" lenth.  Is that available?
Let me know the total that I would owe you on both and I will get it sent to you.
My Best To You Boris.  It has been a pleasure working with you.
    Dear Boris,
'Cougar in tree' arrived and is beyond my expectation. It is without doubt a
wonderful work of art and when not in use it rests in pride of place in our
hallstand to be admired by all who visit us. In fact one of my
granddaughters (15 yrs) is taking it to school next week to show her class.
Thank you Boris - I shall treasure it always.
john Pound
Marina del Rey
    I received my walking cane today.  Thank you, nice job.  Bruce R. Watson
    Hi Boris,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my package by using the
tracking number that you provided to me.  The walking cane is BEAUTIFUL, and my
seargent is going to LOVE it!  Thank you for doing such a nice job!

    Dep. Karen Mickle (Chadwick)
    Boris Palatnik,
Many thanks to you. This is truly a work of art.
It was a big success at the farewell luncheon, and everyone loved your work.
    Again, many thanks.
     Scott Mannes
    Boris: The two walking canes you did for me are a true piece of art.
They look wonderful with the rest of my small collection and everyone remarks about there beauty.
    Thanks Again   Richard A.
    Mr. Palatnik - My walking cane just arrived - it is beautiful !!!

    Hugh Corrigan
      "Super".  Just know Mother will love her new  ' walking cane ' !!

    Boris- we recieved the beautiful walking cane well before Christmas and my husband was thrilled..
Your work is wonderful and as you know my husband JJK ..collects walking canes and I will be ordering more from you in the near future...
This one with the cougar is just gorgeous. 
Thank you for your attention to detail ..everything was perfect.

    Carol Burns
    McAllen - Texas
Dear Boris.
Thank You fora magnifiguens Walking Cane and your Chistmas Card.
Best Regard,
    Hi Boris,

I received my walking cane this afternoon and am very happy with it. It
looks great, and feels very strong. Your stiletto creation is excellent, the
best (most functional) I've seen having this sort of alteration. Thanks very

    Best regards,  Richard Shopen
    Boris: received my walking cane today, a marvelous product. thank you for making quality availible.
    Boris:  thank you so very much.  I anticipate receiving it in about 5 days. 
Probably next Tuesday.
I get compliments every time someone sees one of your walking canes.  I conticuously
refer people to your web site.
    Again, thank you
    I just received my walking cane today with the wolfs head and just wanted
to thank you for such a wonderful functional piece of art!

Delivered exactly as discussed and quickly. Thank you Boris I truly
appreciate your work.

    Best Regards,
    Mike Kavanagh
    Dear Boris,

Greetings. The walking cane arrived and it is beautiful.
I was curious where did you learn your craft?
    Mr. Palatnik,

This is Akira Hirashima in Japan.

Your walking cane (butterfly) is arrived last Sunday.
I am surprised because its arrival is earlier than I expected.
It is very beautiful. More beautiful than I saw on your web page.
Holding is very easy. I love it and cherish it.

Thank you very much.

Akira Hirashima
    Today, I received my crafted "Egyptian Lion" walking cane.

I am pleased and impressed:  a finer walking cane has never found my hand.  Its
quality and balance exceed my exceptions significantly.

This is a piece of craftsmanship that will grace my side for long years, and I
hope to pass it into the hand of future generations.

I short, I will certainly recommend your work to any who admire this fine walking cane.

    Threshold Arts & Oneiros
    Hi - I'm sorry to be so late with my thanks. the little fox walking cane is darling and works perfectly.
I appreciate your talent.
Best wishes.
     Barb Malila
    Boris: The walking canes were picked up this morning and they are fabulous!...
the work, the wood, the fitting, the casting, the sculpture of the silver pommels is really world-class....
I will wear them , on occasions with great pride and great pleasure...they were at the P.O> Dec.23rd, however because of the Holidays....received them this A.M. 
...there was no duty, taxes charged because you marked "Samples"...they had not been opened, either,
so I will wait for another time , soon to order two more of your great walking canes....Regards, Paul Herriott
    Dear Mr. Palatnik:
The walking cane arrived today.  I want to commend you on the craftmanship; I am quite pleased with the result.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.
    Dane Schultz 
    Dear Mr  Palatnik
Have just received “ The Tiger” walking cane.   As the proud owner of the Lion, the Lioness and the Wolf I had high expectations and was not disappointed. 
The Tiger  is a masterpiece of form and function; beautiful to he eye, balanced to the hand and a pleasure to use. 
My compliments on your artistry and skill.  Thank you.  Sincerely, Garth Wright.
    My Dear Mr Palatnik~
my name is Frankie Knuckles.  I received one of your walking canes (The Egyptian Lion) from my brother, Frederick Dunson. 
I  want you to know how thrilled I am to have it.
Your artistry and craftsmanship is absolutely exquisite.  Brilliant!  Magnificent!  And i'm so proud to own it. 
As a collector of art (on a small but, pure level), I love being able to add your walking cane to my collection. 
i'm almost afraid to use it on a  daily basis.  But the artistry and craftsmanship is so beautiful,
i'd be a fool to not carry it for all the world to see.
Many, many thanks.  It's nice to know that someone of your brilliance still exist in this otherwise crazy and
sometimes ugly world we live in today.  I'll be in touch.
 Frankie Knuckles
    ps~ If you have a recent picture and a bio of yourself, I would love to read and learn more about you.  Again, many thanks.
    Dear, Mr. Palatnik
    I just received my expertly crafted wolf and ebony shaft walking cane today.
    The craftmanship is exquisite, I know I'll get meany years of use and meany
    compliments from all who see it. I will recommend you MR. Palatnik to all
    who ask. Thank you again for doing such a exquisite job.

                         Martin Gregorich
                             Crest Hill, IL.
     Dear Boris,

My web site is:  sealightmeditation.com

I have two of your walking canes (antler in sterling silver,ebony and rosewood)
would love to have the stiletto - perhaps silver with a stainless steel

    Your walking canes are the best.

    Keep0 well,